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On-Campus Housing Options

Each dormitory has its own personality. Some are known for their social activities, while others take pride in their quiet, studious environments. So which dorm style is right for you?

One option to consider is "theme houses." The students in these types of dorms share common interests and values. Some focus on international culture or languages, while others target an interest in music, environmental issues, or acting. You just might find the people you need to start a band in your new home!

Other types of dorms include apartments where you cook your own food, single-sex environments, and "pod" suites where many rooms share a common living area. If possible, visit your college in the late spring to see the various options in action. This is a tough decision to make on paper.

Check out all the housing options offered during freshman year. You might find that your new college offers residential programs geared to your specific interests.