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Red&Black - Hung

Comfort, confidence continues to grow for Georgia women’s golf’s Hung

The Red & Black - University of Georgia - Apr 27, 2021

A brief profile on Taiwanese-native golfer Jo Hua Hung, and her performance at the Liz Murphey Collegiate Classic tournament this year.

DailyPenn - Nursing

First Nursing Innovation Prize winner awarded for wearable light that won’t wake patients

The Daily Pennsylvanian - University of Pennsylvania - Apr 28, 2021

Anthony Scarpone-Lambert’s creation of the 2021 President’s Innovation Prize winning ‘uNight Light,’ a wearable LED light for nurses to wear that helps prevent waking up sleeping patients

Tar Heel - Earth

'Start educating yourself now': Groups around campus celebrate Earth Day

The Daily Tar Heel - University of North Carolina - Apr 22, 2021

Three student and community members provide advice for others seeking to do more for the environment, even on a small scale.

Diamondback - Bibi

Bibi Donraadt’s Dutch roots helped her become a star for Maryland field hockey

The Diamondback - University of Maryland - Apr 28, 2021

A quick profile on Dutch-native field hockey player Bibi Donraadt, covering her early start in the sport while still in the Netherlands, and her transition the US.


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