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Ukraine’s historic resiliency shows it will win the war against Russia

The Daily Orange - Syracuse University - Mar 29, 2022

A column by freshman Aiden Walsh that explores a history of Ukraine marked by conflict before and after independence, and celebrates their resilience in the face of it all.


Number of students reporting disabilities soars, yet likely remains an underestimate

Yale Daily News - Yale University - Mar 30, 2022

Student leaders suggest that stigma around disabilities is the primary cause of the number of registrations for Yale’s Student Accessibility Services being two to three times lower than the actual number, despite those registrations having doubled in three years.


‘It feels like a race’: students face housing and registration confusion

The Berkeley Beacon - Emerson College - Mar 24, 2022

Students across years state their frustrations with a disorganized housing allocation process, likening it to a competition for who can type fastest when registering online. Assistant VP of student affairs Anne Doyle offers an explanation.


Gina Conti plans return as other women’s basketball veterans prepare to leave UCLA

The Daily Bruin - University of California, Los Angeles - Mar 29, 2022

Senior players in the women’s basketball team at UCLA could prolong their collegiate careers with every postseason game, while recent Wake Forest transfer Gina Conti looks to make her Bruins debut, in her sixth collegiate season this year.


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