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Penn and 15 other top universities sued for allegedly colluding to limit financial aid

The Daily Pennsylvanian - University of Pennsylvanian - Jan 13, 2022

Penn is among 16 universities, many of which are Ivy League schools, that have been accused of illegally colluding to reduce need-based financial aid, in a lawsuit that alleges over 170,000 eligible students were shortchanged over two decades.


Duke University Hospital opens $265 million tower to improve care, recovery for Children’s Hospital patients

The Chronicle - Duke University - Jan 16, 2022

Construction on the Duke Central Tower has been completed after four years, and patients have already relocated to the new facility, which is much larger and allows for longer family visitation.


UCLA women’s basketball cages the Cougars to start conference win streak

The Daily Iowan - University of Iowa - Jan 16, 2022

Many players from the winning UCLA Bruins comment on their 71-58 win over Washington in Pauley Pavilion, with several players’ comments on their win.


YCC calls for student input in administrators’ COVID-19 decisions

Yale Daily News - Yale University - Jan 12, 2022

In agreeing to a more transparent COVID policy-making process, administrators at the university have met several of The Yale College Council’s demands, including the creation of a YCC Committee.


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