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Inside Princeton’s Free Food listserv

The Daily Princetonian - Princeton University - Nov 07, 2022

The Free Food listserv provides a place for University affiliates to email others with information on where free food can be found on campus, often after a catered event.The Daily Princetonian analyzed posts on the Free Food listserv to uncover when, where, and what kind of food is shared.


MKRTCHYAN | Cornell’s Underground Jazz Culture

The Cornell Daily Sun - Cornell University - Nov 07, 2022

Not only is the Cornell jazz culture one of the biggest among all the Ivy League institutions, but we also have the biggest academic jazz program. That’s right, students take jazz to improve their skills, earn credits and have fun.


No place like home: In-state students reflect on college experience

The Brown Daily Herald- Brown University - Nov 07, 2022

Students recount hesitation of attending college close to home, benefit of proximity to family. The Herald spoke with four undergraduates who fall into the 6% of students from Rhode Island about their experiences going to college in their home state.


UNC School of Law honors first Black female graduate Sylvia X. Allen in portrait unveiling

The Daily Tar Heel - University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - Nov 08, 2022

Sylvia X. Allen was the first Black woman to graduate from the UNC School of Law, a prosecutor, an assistant attorney general, a community leader and a mother of eight children. UNC faculty and students gathered on Friday to witness the unveiling of Allen’s portrait.


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