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COVID-19 testing optional, boosters not required: Princeton to ‘resume pre-COVID-19 schedules’

The Daily Princetonian - Princeton University - July 28, 2022

The student body was notified of this change via a memo sent out on July 28, also stating that booster vaccines will no longer be required, marking a shift from previous policies.


Haas School of Business expands, renames undergraduate business program

The Daily Californian - University of California, Berkeley - July 21, 2022

UC Berkeley’s undergraduate business administration program will be renamed Spieker Undergraduate Business Program, in recognition of Haas alumnus Warren “Ned” Spieker and his wife Carol Spieker’s $30 million gift to the school.


Penn State’s Women in Supply Chain website highlights female accomplishments in male-dominated field

The Daily Collegian - Penn State University - July 29, 2022

The Women in Supply Chain website aims to feature the women in Supply Chain career paths and is composed of stories, podcasts and video interviews from Penn State supply chain students to executives of supply chain companies


'We're all learning together': Duke football looks forward to season of change at ACC Kickoff

The Chronicle - Duke University - July 22, 2022

Details of the recent overhauling of Duke’s football program, including an improved focus on recruitment and pre-season leadership. This comes hot on the heels of a difficult 2021 season.


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