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Go Clubbing on Campus

At college you never have to be lonely. Campus clubs and informal groups can energize your social life and open up the college community to you. At colleges big and small there are countless ways to feel like you belong.

Something for Everyone

Even very small colleges offer social or professional clubs. Nearly all have some musical groups, such as a glee club or band. Drama, sports, and technology clubs are common as well.

Large campuses often run the gamut of activities and may have several hundred student associations. A big university might include athletic, political, social action, ethnic, cultural, arts, entertainment, religious, and service clubs. These groups fulfill students' social needs and provide outlets for trial balloons in the atmosphere of life.

Some "clubs" can be quite informal, such as a writing circle devoted to critique and nurturing of each other's writing. You can even start one yourself. Student activities can provide fellowship quite similar to a club. For example, joining the staff of a student newspaper is like joining a journalism club.

Looking Ahead

For a more serious activity, consider joining an academic or professional organization. You may make useful contacts in your field and learn about future job opportunities. You may even find a potential career mentor through an academic or professional organization.

Joining a club can ease you into a large university, where it's easy to get lost in the crowd. Even at a small college, clubs can help you meet people with common interests. If you can spare the time, student clubs have much to offer.

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