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Don't Catch Senioritis!

It's over. You are finally admitted to college. It might be time, you think, to kick back and take it easy. Big mistake!

Feeling like the best summer vacation ever is about to start? And it's only March? You are getting "senioritis," and it's a condition you don't want to catch.

The Importance of Your Last Months in High School

Colleges that accept you will look closely at your academic performance in the second half of your senior year. They want to know if you have the discipline and maturity to maintain—or even improve—your grades and to resist the temptation to kick back and rest on your laurels. You could end up wasting all your hard work in high school if you drop the ball during your last year—and especially your last term.

Oops! There Goes Your Admission to College!

Let's say you are admitted to several great colleges. What if you succumb to temptation, stop studying for exams, and your grades drop significantly? Did you know that most college acceptance letters stipulate that you continue to do well in high school until you graduate? Yes, the college can and will withdraw its acceptance offer if your academic performance dips too far below its standards.

Same goes for any senior pranks that get out of hand. If your high school takes disciplinary action against you or your name ends up in a police report, your college may be notified by your high school.

Graduated? OK—NOW You Can Celebrate

Wait until you have graduated to reward yourself for all your hard work to get into college. Not only will you be able to celebrate the end of your high school experience, but you can also start planning your new college life.