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Is Greek Life for You?

At many schools, social life revolves around fraternities and sororities. For some students it's fun and fulfilling. For others, maybe not so much. Would it be worthwhile for you to give "Greek" life a try?

Giving Unto Others

Most fraternities and sororities are not like those depicted in the movie "Animal House." Many are as much about helping the homeless as they are about hosting the next big party. Most Greek societies are not just about socializing. People join based on common interests, cultural or ethnic camaraderie, academic pursuits, and philanthropic or religious beliefs.

Going with the Flow

Part of the pressure to join a Greek society may come from your parents, who would like you to follow a family tradition. Or you may simply want to "fit in" with the dominant social structure at your college. Fellow Greeks may help you with your studies, or Greek dorm housing opportunities may be very inviting on your campus. Very often, friendships made in Greek societies last a lifetime and can lead to business connections and other positive aspects of professional networking after graduation.

If you are thinking of joining a society, take some time to look at the different organizations. The one you choose should meet up with your lifestyle and personal goals. If the other members feel like people you would naturally be friends with, you may be entering a circle of friends you'll have for life.