Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation/The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Grant

The Foundation provides financial assistance, by way of grants, to young artists who are pursuing their studies or are in the early or developmental stage of their career, are working in a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpture or printmaking, and demonstrate the determination and talent to pursue a lifetime career in their art practice. Applicants must be at least 18 years of age to be eligible to apply and may not be older than 41 years of age at the time of submitting their application for a first grant. Grants are made directly to the beneficiaries, not through other organizations. First grants are in the amount of CDN$15,000; second and third grants, in the amount of CDN$18,000. Exclusions: The following activities are not within the mandate of the Foundation and are not eligible for a grant: illustration; graphic design; photography; animation; video art; film; digital art; crafts; decorative arts; any work that uses a photograph or digital image as the principal medium or that is produced using computer software or graphics; and any work or activity that falls primarily into any of the foregoing categories. The Foundation does not provide funding for the pursuit of abstract or non-objective art. The application form may only be accessed from the Foundation's website; no other form of application will be accepted. The Foundation does not mail application forms to applicants. Applications must be completed and submitted online. Applications submitted

Award Information

Award Amount
$10,500 - $13,000
Number of Awards
50 - 100
Application Deadline
Not reported
Available to Class Level
Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors
Not reported

Eligibility Requirements

Minimum GPA Required
None specified
None specified
None specified
Religious Affiliation
None specified
Location of College
None specified
Area of Study
None specified
Financial Need
Financial need analysis is not required

Scholarship Sponsor

Applications Coordinator
Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation
1814 Sherbrooke Street West
City, State, Zip
Montreal, QC , H3H 1E4
(514) 937-9225

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