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Location and Setting

Potsdam Population
Nearest Metropolitan Area
Campus Size
640 acres


11 average low in January, 79 average high in September
171 rainy days per year

Getting Around

Campus Map
Not reported
Nearest Bus Station
1 mile(s) from campus in Potsdam
Nearest Train Station


College Housing
College offers housing to students
Types of Housing
Men only housing, women only housing, coed housing, disabled student housing
Students in College Housing
80% of all students
Housing Requirements
Students required to live on campus through senior year
Freshman Housing Guarantee
Freshmen are guaranteed housing
Students Living Off Campus/Commuting
Off-Campus Housing Assistance


24-Hour Emergency Phone/Alarm Devices
24-Hour Security Patrols
Late-Night Transport/Escort Services
Not available
Electronically Operated Housing Entrances

Personal Support Services

Health Service
Personal Counseling
Child Care
Not offered

Sports and Recreation

Intercollegiate Athletics

Athletic Conferences
NCAA Division III
Golden Knight
School Colors
Green and gold

Intercollegiate Sports Offered

Sports Women Men
Offered Scholarships Offered Scholarships
Baseball     x  
Basketball x   x  
Cross-Country Running x   x  
Golf     x  
Ice Hockey x x x x
Lacrosse x   x  
Skiing (Cross-Country) x   x  
Skiing (Downhill) x   x  
Soccer x   x  
Softball x      
Swimming And Diving x   x  
Volleyball x      
Women's Sports Offered Scholarships
Basketball x  
Cross-Country Running x  
Ice Hockey x x
Lacrosse x  
Skiing (Cross-Country) x  
Skiing (Downhill) x  
Soccer x  
Softball x  
Swimming And Diving x  
Volleyball x  
Mens's Sports Offered Scholarships
Baseball x  
Basketball x  
Cross-Country Running x  
Golf x  
Ice Hockey x x
Lacrosse x  
Skiing (Cross-Country) x  
Skiing (Downhill) x  
Soccer x  
Swimming And Diving x  
Women's Club Sports
Men's Club Sports

Recreational Sports

Intramural Sports
basketball, football, ice hockey, soccer, softball, volleyball

Student Activities

Activities and Organizations
choral groups, drama theatre, radio station, student newspaper, television station, national fraternities, national sororities, ski & snowboard club, outing club, student association for engineering management, institute for electrical and electronics engineers, pep band
13% of women participate
15% of men participate
Army ROTC offered on campus, Air Force ROTC offered on campus

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