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How to find the best colleges for you.
College Match
Use the College Match college search engine to search for the colleges that are right for you. Find colleges that match your personal preferences. Look up any college by name.
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College Profiles
Get detailed college information about the schools in your college search results. Find out about admission, costs, financial aid, academics and campus life at any college you choose.
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Browse articles about how to choose the right college, college selectivity, and how to conduct the best college search, find your ideal college, and decide which colleges to apply to.

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How to strengthen your chances for admission to college.
College Chances
Use College Chances to predict your college admissions chances at any college. See what will improve your odds of admission.
Admissions Tracker
Use the Admissions Tracker to find out who's getting in where. View the qualifications and admissions decisions of thousands of real students. See how you compare to the students who were admitted and denied, and find out who is applying to the colleges on your list.
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At-A-Glance Common App Guide
Our at-a-glance guide makes it easy to see the colleges that accept the Common App, as well as deadlines, fees, and requirements for supplements and additional forms.
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Browse articles about what colleges are looking for and how to increase your chances of getting in, admission requirements, PSAT, SAT, ACT, how to strengthen your preparation, taking honors and AP courses, letters of recommendation, college application essays, college interviews, and how to successfully complete your college applications.

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The magazine about college.
Buzz Articles
Browse articles about college life, how to manage your finances at college, transferring, study abroad, and personal stories of students on the road to college.


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How to find the best colleges for you.
Saved Articles
Your favorite articles about college admission and financial aid.
Saved Colleges
Save your favorite college profiles when you find the right colleges for you, using the College Match college search engine.
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Save your favorite College match college searches for future reference.
Saved Scholarships
Save your favorite scholarship profiles when you find college scholarships you qualify for, using the Scholarship Finder free scholarship search engine.
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Save any Admissions Tracker Profile you are interested in keeping track of during the admissions process. Tracker Profiles contain detailed information about real students' actual college choices, academic and extracurricular qualifications, and admissions decisions.
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How to pay for college.
Financial Aid Tracker
Who's getting financial aid and how do you compare? Use the Financial Aid Tracker to find out! View thousands of real student financial aid awards and see how much students like you received at any school.
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Scholarship Finder
Use the Scholarship Finder free scholarship search engine to find money for college. Find college scholarships you qualify for because of your academic achievements, personal characteristics or involvement in extracurricular activities.
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Scholarship Profiles
Get detailed information about the scholarships in your free scholarship search results. Find out about scholarship award amounts, scholarship eligibility requirements, and scholarship application procedures for each scholarship.
College Net Price Calculator
What will college really cost? Find out by using the College Net Price Calculator. Uncover your true out-of-pocket costs to attend any college. See how much financial aid you may get, including the portion that is likely to be in the form of loans and work-study. Get personalized results based on your financial situation and college choices.
EFC Calculator
Calculate your Expected Family Contribution and find out how much colleges expect you to pay toward your college expenses. To see how much financial aid you may get from a college, subtract your EFC from the college's cost of attendance.
Compare Your Financial Aid Awards
Which financial aid award is best? Use the Compare Awards tool and find out. Enter your financial aid award details to get the estimated net price and cost of degree to attend each college. Compare graduation rates and average student loan debt and see which college is the best deal for you.
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Browse articles about college costs and how to pay for college, financial aid including student loans and scholarships, the FAFSA and how to apply and get the most financial aid, how to find scholarships, and how to analyze college financial aid awards.

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Thinking It Through
What's Ahead
Who Can Help
College Fit Is Important
Features That Set Colleges Apart
Major and Degree Options
Making Sense of It All
Just for Transfer Students
Just for Parents
College Search Strategies
Find Out More About Your Colleges
Deciding Which Colleges Might Work for You
The Final Cut

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money matters

Live Well and Prosper
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If You're Thinking About Studying Abroad

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prepare & apply articles

Academics Matter
Out of the Classroom
How Colleges Admit Students
Your Plan to Get Into College
Be a College Application Know-It-All
The Ins and Outs of Applying Early
Create Outstanding Applications
Be an Outstanding Applicant
Until College Admission Decisions Arrive
Your Final Answer
Getting Involved
Keeping It Together

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Campus Life
Money Matters

pay your way articles

How Much Does College Cost?
How to Find Financially Friendly Colleges
Get Started with Financial Aid
How to Qualify for Financial Aid
How to Get Financial Aid
Getting the Best Financial Aid Awards
Ways to Pay for College
The Best Laid College Financing Plans
Scholarship Essentials
Finding and Getting Scholarships
Read the Fine Print
Are You Eligible for Scholarships?

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Getting In
Study Break
News from Campus

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Scholarship Profiles

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