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Avoiding Procrastination

"Procrastination" comes from Latin, meaning "hold off until tomorrow." But in college it spells a recipe for disaster. Here are some tried and true ideas for getting your work done on time.

Procrastination can take some interesting forms. Some people get their dorm rooms sparkling clean as homework deadlines loom. For others, late night television suddenly becomes unavoidably appealing. Whatever your procrastination technique, work on strategies for overcoming it. Create a study environment with few distractions. Find a quiet place. Study in the library.

More Time Management Tips

Divide large assignments into smaller more manageable pieces. Plan a term paper by constructing an outline. Study for a test in chunks. Small tasks appear much less daunting than the whole assignment.

Work with study groups. Knowing that you have to pull your weight in a study group is a great way to avoid procrastination. If you lack the willpower, the study group's peer pressure and your sense of responsibility toward the group will help ensure that you complete your assigned tasks on time. You can conquer procrastination and enjoy a sense of accomplishment when deadlines loom.