College Chances is a fun and easy way to predict your college admissions chance at 1,900 colleges and universities.

To calculate your college admissions chances, provide your GPA, test scores, class rank and the number of honors courses you will complete; indicate whether you plan to apply early; and provide information about your extracurricular activities and achievements.

Which college is a Good Bet for you? A Maybe? A Reach? To determine your admissions chances at each college, CollegeData compares your information with the qualifications of freshmen recently enrolled at the college, the level of competition for admission, and the relative weight the college places on different types of qualifications. You can modify your qualifications to see what it might take to strengthen your college admissions chances and improve your odds.

College Chances tells you if you are a Good Bet, Maybe, or Reach. What's Behind Your Chances shows you why. See exactly how you compare to current freshmen and how important each admissions factor is to the college.