Your College Degree Options

What's the main goal of going to college? To graduate with a degree. Here are your degree options.

Once you start planning for college, you'll quickly discover there's more to it than declaring your major. You'll need to think about what type of degree you'll get.

Undergraduates Usually Earn a "Bachelor's" Degree

When people say they graduated from college, it usually means that they received their bachelor's degree. (Sometimes called a "baccalaureate" degree.) The main types of bachelor's degrees in the U.S. are the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) and the Bachelor of Science (B.S.).

Specialty bachelor's degrees focus on business, fine arts, and religion.

How Your Degree Choice Affects Your College Choices

If a B.A. degree is a good fit for you, then looking at colleges that have a strong program in the liberal arts would make sense. If a B.S. degree is a better fit, then technical institutes and universities might be good places to start.

The Path to Getting Your Degree

To get your bachelor's degree you will need to fulfill general education requirements defined by the college. You'll also need to choose a major and meet the requirements of that major.

If You Plan to Pursue a Graduate Degree or Professional License

If you plan to continue your studies after graduation, either a B.A. or B.S. can help prepare you. For example, some future lawyers major in science or technology while some future doctors study psychology or history. Of course, you will still need to satisfy the prerequisite courses required to get into graduate school.

Combined Degree Options

Many colleges offer combined degrees, which allow you to get two degrees at once.

What's Next?