What Makes Colleges Different?

"I know what I need in a college—great school spirit!" While a "rah-rah" student body can set colleges apart, a college can stand out from the crowd in other important ways.

Visiting even a few colleges can leave you feeling that they are more alike than different. But once you view colleges from these important perspectives, you'll see how different they really are.

Academics Matter

A college can be wonderful in every other way, but if the academic opportunities don't serve your goals, you should keep looking.

College Personality Is a Factor

Although the iconic image of a college is an expansive quad surrounded by ivy-covered buildings, colleges come in all shapes, sizes, styles, and settings.

It's About the Social Life, Too

Of course, college is not only about studying. Who you spend time with and what you are able to do socially has a big impact on your day-to-day experience on campus.

What Results Might You Get?

Some colleges will be more able than others to help you get the results you want, from keeping college debt manageable to launching your career.

What's Next?