Meet Your College Admission Support Team

Planning for and applying to college is a major effort. And it's all on you, right? Well, not quite. It turns out there's a team that has your back.

The pressure on you to get into college has been building for years. Talk about tension! Good thing there's a whole lotta people ready to help.

Your Guidance Counselor

Your high school counselor plays a key role in your college applications. He or she arranges for your transcript to be sent to colleges and may provide recommendation letters. Your counselor also helps you plan a challenging course of study throughout high school, so you become a strong college candidate.

Your Parents

Your parents are not only your personal rooting section, but they can be very useful in your college planning and applications. And while they shouldn't run the show, their opinions of the colleges you are considering are important and may give you valuable insight.

Your Teachers and Mentors

A teacher, coach, or other adult who knows you well can help guide and encourage you through the college admissions process. Such a teacher is also a good candidate to provide letters of recommendation to colleges. Other mentors may also be able to provide recommendations based on your extracurricular commitment.

Your College Admission Rep and Local Alumni

Most colleges assign staff to represent them at high schools and college fairs, and to develop student interest in their college. Many colleges also have active alumni networks, and encourage alumni to meet with prospective students.

What's Next?