How to Choose a Major

It's natural to want to have a major in mind when you start college. You can take steps now to make a choice—and still keep your options open.

To make a sound choice in a major, you'll need to do some soul-searching and solid research, and be prepared to test it out once you start college. Bear in mind that several majors may suit your academic goals.

Relax—a Major Is Not Forever

It can be daunting to commit yourself to a course of study for the next four years. As big a deal as it may seem, however, choosing a major is not a life-altering event.

Think About What You Like to Learn and Do

As a first step, identify what you enjoy learning—and what you enjoy doing outside class. Here are some questions you could ask yourself:

Connect What You Like to Learn to What You Can Study in College

Next, look at actual majors that seem related to your interests. If you're feeling "at sea," ask your counselor to help you.

On Your Mark, Get Set, Choose!

Many students worry about picking the "right" major, or a "practical" major that leads to a job. But you will probably be a good fit in a number of majors. And many majors can help you develop basic work skills and try out potential jobs through internships.

More Resources for Choosing a Major

What's Next?