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How much financial aid can you expect to get? Find out with the Financial Tracker! View thousands of real student financial aid awards and see how much students just like you received at any college.

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How much college will cost depends on two main things -- the school's "sticker price" and how much of it will be offset by financial aid. With the Financial Aid Tracker, you can see actual financial aid awards that students similar to you received. Will you get merit aid? See how your GPA and test scores stack up against students who did. What about need-based aid like grants and loans? You can see how much students with EFCs like yours received. Considering a public college in another state? See if students from out-of-state received enough financial aid to cover the higher nonresident tuition. Add your own profile and compare yourself at any school.

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Why do students receive different financial aid awards? It's not always easy to tell, but Tracker Profiles let you drill down and see what might have factored into those decisions.. In addition to financial aid specifics, each profile also contains detailed information about the student's college choices, academic qualifications, extracurriculars, admissions decisions, and more. Tracker Profiles are anonymous, so you won't know whose profile you're viewing (and no one else will know they're viewing yours).