Get Started with Your College Applications

What's in a college application? If you are planning to go to college, it's time to find out.

Once senior year rolls around, filling out college applications may start to feel like a second job. Luckily, colleges ask for mostly the same information.

What a College Usually Asks in Its Application

A college application is designed to help you explain why you should be admitted. It documents your achievements and shows who you are beyond test scores and grades. Most college applications ask for the following information.

Be Sure to Read the Instructions and Fill Out Everything

When you open an application, don't dive in immediately. Look over each part thoroughly. Note any instructions and deadlines. Fill it out completely. Leaving a space blank may delay the college's admission decision. If you have questions, ask an admission counselor, teacher, parent, or your high school guidance counselor for help.

Pay Attention to These Steps

What's Next?