Take AP Online

Can't get an Advanced Placement course you want? Or fit one into your class schedule? Here's how to find AP courses you can take online.

Succeeding in any Advanced Placement (AP) class takes effort. An online course requires even more self discipline. You may miss daily, face-to-face contact with your teacher and fellow students. But if you are comfortable working independently, you should do just fine.

How Do Online AP Courses Work?

Online AP courses are very much like regular AP classes. You have a teacher, receive a syllabus, complete reading and homework assignments, read or listen to lectures, take exams, etc. The difference is that you take the course online at home or school.

A well-thought-out online course includes a combination of presentations, audio, video, animations, and discussions. Communication between teachers and students is done online, via e-mail, and sometimes over the phone.

How Do You Find Online AP Courses?

What Should You Know About an Online AP Course?

What About AP Exams?

In May, you will take your AP exams just the same as other AP students. Whether you took the AP course online or in the classroom makes absolutely no difference. What's important is that you took the extra initiative required to seek academic challenges beyond the walls of your high school. And that's something colleges will notice and count in your favor.

What's Next?