Get to Know the Universal College Application

Like the Common Application, the Universal College Application enables students to apply to multiple colleges using a single application.

The list of schools accepting the Universal College Application includes well-known schools such as Cornell and Harvard, international colleges, and schools that do not accept the Common Application at all. Depending on your college list, the Universal College App might be your best choice for managing and sending your college applications.

Colleges That Accept the Universal College Application

Close to 50 colleges currently accept the Universal College App. CollegeData's Universal College Application Colleges at a Glance will help you quickly determine whether any of your target colleges accept it. You can also view application deadlines, fees, and supplemental form requirements.

The Universal College Application is very similar to the Common App. It's designed to simplify the process of applying to multiple colleges. Students using the Universal College App can create unlimited versions of their applications and easily customize existing versions for different colleges. The application helps students keep track of the varying number of essays, supplemental forms, and letters of recommendation required by different colleges, and lets students link to multimedia content that tells the college more about them.

Some Colleges Have Additional Requirements

Requests for supplemental forms, teacher recommendation letters, and/or essays will be included in the Universal College App's application requirements for that school. The organization's website supplies these report forms as well as forms for letters of recommendation. Counselors and teachers can complete, save, and update these forms on the Universal College App's website.

Making Changes to Your Application

You can revise and save your application as many times as you like before submitting it to colleges. Once you have sent an application to your first college, you may create different versions of it for other colleges.

How to Access the Universal College Application

Go to, or link to the application from the website of a school that accepts it. Using the Universal College App is free, but you are still required to pay the college's application fees. Students who qualify for application fee waivers can apply for them through the Universal College App.

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